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Topline Communications Plan

British Fashion Council x Rankin Creative
Celebrating BFC's 30th Anniversary with the launch of a 5-part series of their NEWGEN Initiative

The British Fashion Council (BFC) is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to further the interests of the British fashion industry and its designer businesses by harnessing and sharing collective knowledge, experience and resources of the sector. Formed in 1983, the BFC is funded by industry patrons, commercial sponsors, and the government including the Mayor of London and the ERDF. It leads the industry through creative influence and is strategically repositioning British fashion in the global fashion economy.

BFC created a film series, in collaboration with Rankin Creative, to celebrate designers both past and present, of the NEWGEN initiative, in celebration of its 30th anniversary.

I created a topline digital communications plan for the launch of a 5-part film series, with consideration of TOV, optimising channels, opportunity for collaboration, key messages and how this campaign can encourage the widening of the pool of leads to convert to the B2C Community and B2B membership or patronage programmes within the BFC. I maximised the reach of the series through an integrated plan inclusive of social media channels, websites and CRM.

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